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jQuery User Interface projects

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wordpress search custom fields and content

Most often I come across the same problem. When users search the pages, they have a problem! The problem How to search custom fields as well as content and title etc on wordpress and display them. The solution It’s really… Continue Reading →

WP Advanced Custom Fields Value label

Ever wondered how to get the label of your multiple choice fields on advanced custom fields for your front end? Often I come across using get_field(‘{field_name}’) however this just returns the value of the Select field type, or radio or… Continue Reading →

WordPress custom post type pagination

I have come to this problem many times before and this is the only solution, I have come across to fix my little problem. I start by creating a post type using Custom post type UI¬†plugin. Then create a page… Continue Reading →

Responsive Design – Detector tool

What is it? Often we turn to responsive design and its breaking points¬†to develop and design websites which look good, in all different screen sizes. Sometimes the simplest of tools can be the most useful of them all. I have… Continue Reading →

One CSS Class, two different styles icon-like

Like many people, including the jQuery UI official, they use a method of multiple class to achieve something, I get annoyed easy and wish to have a shortcut for this… the answer is amazingly simple as you will all slap… Continue Reading →

Fixing the auto scale on mobile devices

auto scale Cross Platform Un updated version of this will come up several bug fixes, and a better experience. Ever felt as if you tried so hard to, fix a problem on a mobile, and end up wasting hours finding… Continue Reading →

Cache and clean understanding

This is a post for those who have a blur understanding about cache. When we use the word cache there is no way of understanding which type of cache we referring to. Here are a few different types of cache… Continue Reading →

Everyday tools and websites

1. Convertico Convertico is a beautiful website, simple and it converts your image to an icon. www.convertico.com   2. Color Zilla I could not thank this guys enough, I did about 20 themes, and this little web page has saved… Continue Reading →

Highlight text colour and common design failure

CSS has come a long way, but keeping up with new features and remembering everything to help users as much as possible can be a difficult task. Often is because we are prioritise our design/development base on main functionality and… Continue Reading →

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