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One CSS Class, two different styles icon-like

Like many people, including the jQuery UI official, they use a method of multiple class to achieve something, I get annoyed easy and wish to have a shortcut for this… the answer is amazingly simple as you will all slap… Continue Reading →

Highlight text colour and common design failure

CSS has come a long way, but keeping up with new features and remembering everything to help users as much as possible can be a difficult task. Often is because we are prioritise our design/development base on main functionality and… Continue Reading →

CSS Selection / Highlight change default colour

I was reading this blog and it was so amazing that I wanted to share it with you guys. http://css-tricks.com/overriding-the-default-text-selection-color-with-css/ He also as an example right here. It’s simply amazing. Valtid Caushi

how to use CSS Clearfix properly

What is it? I love this bit of script,

I use this bit of script on every website I build (as a web developer). I think this is the greatest bit of code to help debug quicker and position… Continue Reading →

Create Circles with jQuery and CSS3

A quick small script that can create circles just as you would with canvas, but using the mouse, just like photoshop.

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