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Better typeOf, javascript native typeof

Confused? I am always, confused and unsure, and all over the place when it comes to typeof and instance of etc… It has done my head for too long, so I took sometime to try to¬†straighten it all out. I… Continue Reading →

Javascript return function in one line with errors

I thought of sharing this simple method of using a return statement when you use an if statement all in one line to also print out a warning.

What is going on? Well the difference is that console.log() will… Continue Reading →

jQuery overturn selector for better readability

What do I mean by this? Well it’s a really simple idea: I like chaining I like jQuery I DON’T really like using the method I think it makes the code a little unreadable. I do like my code to… Continue Reading →

Fixing the auto scale on mobile devices

auto scale Cross Platform Un updated version of this will come up several bug fixes, and a better experience. Ever felt as if you tried so hard to, fix a problem on a mobile, and end up wasting hours finding… Continue Reading →

jQuery mutate official

This little script is an amazing addition to your jQuery library Keep checking this page, and I will be updating it or write a comment if you should require a specific mutation for it, if you have the code even… Continue Reading →

Create Circles with jQuery and CSS3

A quick small script that can create circles just as you would with canvas, but using the mouse, just like photoshop.

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