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An attempt to eradicate HTML Forms

Introduction I have recently been experimenting with Node Js and some other languages which compliment NodeJS. I will attempt to give my explanation (to the best of my knowledge so far) so it may help some others to get started with… Continue Reading →

writing Regular Expressions like a PRO

At regex 101, you will no longer have problems of figuring out how they work or test how it works. I have come across this little beauty https://regex101.com/ . All you have to do is, have a copy of the text you… Continue Reading →

jQuery overturn selector for better readability

What do I mean by this? Well it’s a really simple idea: I like chaining I like jQuery I DON’T really like using the method I think it makes the code a little unreadable. I do like my code to… Continue Reading →

PHP convert words from plural to singular

I came across a small issue to display the singular version of any English word using some grammar rules to de-pluralise a word.

I can’t claim that this was my work, but here is the authors link where I… Continue Reading →

Responsive Design – Detector tool

What is it? Often we turn to responsive design and its breaking points to develop and design websites which look good, in all different screen sizes. Sometimes the simplest of tools can be the most useful of them all. I have… Continue Reading →

One CSS Class, two different styles icon-like

Like many people, including the jQuery UI official, they use a method of multiple class to achieve something, I get annoyed easy and wish to have a shortcut for this… the answer is amazingly simple as you will all slap… Continue Reading →

Fixing the auto scale on mobile devices

auto scale Cross Platform Un updated version of this will come up several bug fixes, and a better experience. Ever felt as if you tried so hard to, fix a problem on a mobile, and end up wasting hours finding… Continue Reading →

Cache and clean understanding

This is a post for those who have a blur understanding about cache. When we use the word cache there is no way of understanding which type of cache we referring to. Here are a few different types of cache… Continue Reading →

Everyday tools and websites

1. Convertico Convertico is a beautiful website, simple and it converts your image to an icon. www.convertico.com   2. Color Zilla I could not thank this guys enough, I did about 20 themes, and this little web page has saved… Continue Reading →

Highlight text colour and common design failure

CSS has come a long way, but keeping up with new features and remembering everything to help users as much as possible can be a difficult task. Often is because we are prioritise our design/development base on main functionality and… Continue Reading →

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