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Pendule Google chrome extension

There is a plugin I love so much especially for responsive design tools Pendule can be found on google chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gbkffbkamcejhkcaocmkdeiiccpmjfdi The features as described on google:

I hope you guys like this and see how this could… Continue Reading →

Adobe Shadow – iPhone and iPad developer tools

I have come across this little tool that will save your life 🙂 How it works… You will need google chrome https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/ With google chrome you can press F12 or right click inspect elements, then you can simply use this… Continue Reading →

jQuery mutate official

This little script is an amazing addition to your jQuery library Keep checking this page, and I will be updating it or write a comment if you should require a specific mutation for it, if you have the code even… Continue Reading →

CSS Selection / Highlight change default colour

I was reading this blog and it was so amazing that I wanted to share it with you guys. http://css-tricks.com/overriding-the-default-text-selection-color-with-css/ He also as an example right here. It’s simply amazing. Valtid Caushi

DAVE the basic rule of user role management system

What is DAVE? DAVE is simply an abbreviation of the followings: Delete – Whether User(s) can delete content and other delete functionalities Add – Whether User(s) can add content and other add/create functionalities View – Whether User(s) can view contents on a page… Continue Reading →

HTML 5 Search forms – Type Attribute

Have a better performance with HTML5 type attribute:

In most browsers this will show a “x” on the right hand side e.g. Google chrome Not only this but it will actually be useful for iphone, ipad and other… Continue Reading →

jQuery Image loader no gif

They say always obey the law They say always obey the law but using .gif, paying a licence for that, well the law sounds too expensive. Here is a simple script to turn a loader to an animate picture provided all the… Continue Reading →

IE Border-radius and Background Gradient Bleeding

A lot of people have problems with IE border and background gradients, there is a simple solution for this but requires a little ahead knowledge. The trick here is to mask the gradient with a border and then use the… Continue Reading →

how to use CSS Clearfix properly

What is it? I love this bit of script,

I use this bit of script on every website I build (as a web developer). I think this is the greatest bit of code to help debug quicker and position… Continue Reading →

Create Circles with jQuery and CSS3

A quick small script that can create circles just as you would with canvas, but using the mouse, just like photoshop.

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