What is it?

I love this bit of script,

I use this bit of script on every website I build (as a web developer). I think this is the greatest bit of code to help debug quicker and position better. I must be honest I got this idea from this site http://www.webtoolkit.info/css-clearfix.html hover there is a tiny difference many people may have been put off by it as it may display an unwanted dot (.), fear not as this content: “\00A0”; does that extra trick, it makes a white space as oppose to a dot.

How does this work?

Well you just add that to your CSS file and then you can use it as you would with normal class attribute like

This is especially useful for the following code inspect this on your firebug/devtools and I promise you that you will love the result.

You will quickly discover that the .clearfix  div has lost its height. due to some bug I couldn’t care much 🙂 but by using clearfix, this will display the div as a block and allow the div to have a height.