1. Convertico

Convertico is a beautiful website, simple and it converts your image to an icon.



2. Color Zilla

I could not thank this guys enough, I did about 20 themes, and this little web page has saved me hours.

It works well, just like it would on photoshop.


3. Base64 Image

This website allows to turn an image on a base64 image, which means you can simply paste some text instead of URL. Trust me this could be useful, especially when you got clients who just want their CSS page changed and you don’t can’t seem to convince them to add a couple images.



4. Stack overflow

This website has helped me alot as developers and designers and all sorts of people that help each-other.

This is the place you want to be, if you going bold pulling your hair out, as to why something does not work the way you expect it to.


5. Lorem Ipsum

If you are looking for some random text to put on the website while waiting for contents here it is the famous Lorem Ipsum


6. Snip save

Snip Save is a robust website which is easy to sign up, and save all your favorite codes or snippets of codes to use at a latter time.


7. Colllor

Colllor allows you to choose a colour or set of colours, with it you will get a palet of colour or shades of the same colour,

This is very useful when designing websites.


 8. Fontello

Need icons? well using this simple tool, means you can use fonts to act as icons therefore no need to load images or iconsets, you can resize them by simply changing the font-size in css.