I love Advanced Custom Fields (AFC) advancedcustomfields.com.

Recently I came across a small problem.

  • I had to attach the a user photo, using type from the ACF.
  • I created the signup form with a type

But the problem was how to put include this on the users profile on the back end and have it upload, move, and show on the back.

I googled my problem and eventually someone had come across the same problem with a rather excellent reusable function on stackoverflow, with a bit of time on my hand I decided to help out and solve this problem for the two of us.

So the OP asked for help see the question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15638046/how-to-upload-an-image-on-acf-with-update-field-on-wordpress.

The solution is the following function which can be included on your “function.php” file on your themes folder.

Then you can use it as normal, with advanced custom fields

function/method. Also please read about field keys on this page as this is very important, you can find info how to find the key (not) the


Leave a comment if this worked for you or didn’t šŸ™‚ enjoy…